Snack Attacks

Yes, I snack… who doesn’t? And I have a particular fondness for chips. Corn chips or potato chips are essential to the soul, sometimes. Chocolate, too, of course. And ice cream.

Obviously, unless I’m careful, I could wind up wearing my snacks as a fat suit. So I AM careful, and I PLAN for snack attacks because in real life, they are bound to happen.

RULE ONE: If it’s in the house, we’ll eat it.

I do not load up on snacks, even when they are on sale. Better to have a little bit of stuff on hand for a craving, but not too much. Bulk buying of snacks is really pound-foolish.

RULE TWO: You’ll eat the whole bag ( or can, or box, or tub or whatever).

Who eats a few chips and puts away the bag for another day? I buy the smallest bags I can at the dollar store (when they have my favourite brand). Giant sizes in snack packaging may seem cheaper, but they’re no bargain. And these days, even the regular sizes are giant. Small is good.

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