Breakfast is usually a bowl of cereal. Simple? Not the way I do it!

First the bowl… it’s a ramekin (small) not a soup bowl. This reduces serving size but still lets me have a helping bowlful if I want. The eyes are satisfied and it really does make little seem like more.

Now, the cereal. It’s not just one kind, but a combination. I get branlots of fibre by filling most of the bowl with bran… the kind that looks like little twigs. It’s great for “staying regular” and it’s an easy way to increase fibre intake. Most of us need more fibre.

The second cereal is bran too, but bran BUDs. They are the expensive little beady buds. budsThey are worth the price, though, because they do wonders for cholesterol levels. Very good stuff and you don’t need a lot of it to get real benefits for your heart’s circulatory system. I sprinkle a tablespoon of buds on top of the main heap of regular bran cereal.

“Tastes like dirt.” That’s a direct quote from a house guest who once stayed overnight with us. LOL. Actually, I like the taste, maybe because I’m used to it, but I add flavour by sprinking on raisins or cranberry bits and shelled sunflower seeds (from the bulk food store).

This gets me a flavour bonus, but there’s extra nutritional goodness in the sprinklings, too.

Instead of sugar… Splenda. I have dumped all of the sugar out of my sugar bowl and filled it with powdered Splenda. It’s the sugar substitute made from real, natural sugar molecules. They’ve just been modified a bit so the calories don’t get absorbed by the body. The sweetness is all there, wihout the weight gain. In fact, Splenda is so sweet, you don’t need much of it. My husband is the Splenda user, sprinkling a bit on top of his bran mix.

I buy the large bag of Splenda and use it to fill the sugar bowl. Why mess with those little paper packets? It’s easier to spoon a bit onto the cereal.

Add milk… Not whole milk; too much fat. Ideally, I would use skim milk but my husband says it looks too watery to be appetizing. TruTaste skim he likes, though. It’s still skim milk but whiter because they add milk solids back in after skimming. The result is a whiter milk and a happier husband.

Only lately, the price of TruTaste skim has been ridiculously high, compared with ordinary 1%. The 1% is white enough to satisfy Bill and the fat conent is low enough to satisfy me. When TruTaste Skim is priced too high, the 1% is what I buy.

That’s it. My simple bowl of cereal in the morning. Quick, easy. Nutritious.

Oh, and I usually have a nice cup of Orange Pekoe tea too. Milk, no sugar. Oh, and the milk is powdered milk that I spoon in from a jar I keep on the counter. Why? I get more calcium in my tea this way. Good for my teeth and bones.

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