Smoothie Breakfast…yummm!

Picture 5The scale is telling me I must curtail my intake so I can be ready for the next round of holiday feasting. So….I’ve changed my breakfast routine from cereals to home-made smoothies. I find smoothies refreshing and filling, keeping me away from the carbs I crave at lunch. My readings verify that whey protein does indeed effect how full you feel, plus it has a beneficial effect on blood glucose and insulin response. My smoothie delivers about 10 gm protein, not the 40 gm shown to have the strongest effects. Regardless, it does the trick and I find them delicious.

This morning’s smoothie was made with skim milk and low fat yogurt, frozen fruits I have stashed in my freezer, ground flax seeds and sweetened with Splenda. I use a wand style blender to whirl it together – it’s ready in a minute! Sometimes it’s so thick I eat it with a spoon.

Yumm…..and here’s the nutrition: milk and yogurt deliver protein, calcium and some Vitamin D (but I don’t count on it). My yogurt is 1% MF (milk fat), sometimes it’s fat free but I like the tiny bit of creaminess the fat adds and anyway, fat helps delay gastric emptying, with associated benefits. Fruits provide antioxidants and fibre, I use them frozen because it adds texture. Flax delivers a soluble fibre source and vital omega 3 fatty acids (as ALA) (but I also take 1 tsp of fish oil supplement which delivers 750 mg EPA and 500 mg DHA). Splenda keeps the calories low. To download  a copy of the Dairy Bureau’s recipe booklet pictured above, just click the picture.

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