I love popcorn as a snack.

2 popcornWhat can be better than a crunchy snack and lots of it….not to overlook the low calories and high fibre. I stopped buying microwave popcorn because of its historic use of trans and/or saturated fats. I pop from scratch.

But imagine my surprise when I gave a gift of gourmet kernels only to learn the recipients didn’t have a clue how to make stovetop popcorn. I won’t take time to detail the age-old method, check out YouTube instead. Just remember to start with a healthy oil like canola, and you don’t need a lot of it – one tablespoon or less per 2 quart pot is adequate. Toss in 5 kernels and wait (lid on) until they have popped to know the oil is hot enough to add your portion (about one third cup). Kernels should be in a single layer and keep shaking!!

2 thoughts on “I love popcorn as a snack.

  1. Orville Redenbacher’s Smart POP has zero trans fat, 2% fats, 2% saturated fats and only 100 calories in the small bag. I think the large bag is about 296 calories. PLus it has a light buttery taste. Ummm! So I nuke.

  2. Never say never, so I may need to go the microwave route again and Smart Choice would be my pick….but it’s amazing how different it tastes. I sprinkle my popped corn with hot sauce; a friend told me she puts pickle juice in her oil sprayer and sprays on her favourite flavour. Haven’t gone there yet!

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