More calcium, less “dowager’s hump”.

Is there a more politically correct way to to say “dowager’s hump”. Oh, yes… “dorsal kyphosis”. Sorry if I offended any of you dowagers out there.

I need plenty of calcium to stave off osteoporosis. It’s better to get your calcium in your meals than by taking supplements, but I do both (but only one calcium tablet daily) .

powdered-milkAnyway, one way I get extra calcium through food is by putting powdered milk into my tea instead of liquid 1% or skim milk. That’s my little canister on the left. A scoopful is usually enough for my oversize mug (that’s roughly one tablespoon and delivers 95 mg calcium per cuppa tea).

Bonus: the tea stays hotter, is fat-free and looks whiter. Another bonus: we go through less liquid milk, which weighs a ton when I lug the 3-bag packs home from the store. Powdered milk is a lot less heavy – there goes my resistance training!

3 thoughts on “More calcium, less “dowager’s hump”.

  1. I little birdie told me that pastrami on caraway rye with French’s mustard is also excellent to combat the dreaded hump. Could this be true?

  2. Could be true…. but I would lose the caraway!
    Does this mean Caplansky’s has opened on College Street?

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