The “What do you do?” question

As a dietitian I’ve given many presentations about food and nutrition. There’s one question I recall clearly and consistently over the years and that question is the reason for this blog. So, what is it the audience always wants to know? It’s….. “What do YOU do?

This blog is an experiment to see what happens if I make short entries about my everyday food choices and experiences. Nothing too clinical and nothing work related… just stuff that occurs in my everyday “food life”.

It’s easy to use myself as an example and I hope you will add your own ideas and practices. All comments, suggestions and questions are welcome, but I’m off duty for consulting about personal cases (at least for now).

8 thoughts on “The “What do you do?” question

  1. Thanks Ben. Now that I too am in the blogosphere, I want to mention what a great job you’ve done on
    Moving to a low sodium lifestyle sizzles!!
    You’ve covered a lot of ground with your entries and I will use your site to announce any sodium ‘darts’ or ‘laurels’ I find in my food travels.

  2. Well what can I say..I am so impressed with your talents as always..A few pictures as we discussed would be great. The ramekin bowls I have are so small..could there be different sizes ????? bowls are different. What a great resource this site can be and will be.
    Proud of you,
    The one who has the very large ramekins.

  3. Hi Donna. This is really great, we will be checkng it regularly! Goji powder in a morning smoothie is great for energy – maybeyou could talk about smoothies???? See you

  4. Low calorie comfort foods – that got me thinking!
    First thing that came to mind is popcorn (see October post ‘I love popcorn as a snack’). People’s comfort foods tend to be high carb but are not necessarily low-cal (mac & cheese for example). So, I thought a good way to think of wise snacks is via the glycemic index (GI) which measures how quickly a food will raise your blood sugar. Popcorn is low GI (good), pretzels are high GI (bad). There is a ton of stuff written on GI, here is an introduction compliments of the Canadian Diabetes Association:
    Or check out the list of low GI foods in this article and pick your comfort foods wisely:
    And (boo-hoo) serving sizes count – always. (Best database is at: but be prepared for detail!)

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