More calcium, less “dowager’s hump”.

Is there a more politically correct way to to say “dowager’s hump”. Oh, yes… “dorsal kyphosis”. Sorry if I offended any of you dowagers out there.

I need plenty of calcium to stave off osteoporosis. It’s better to get your calcium in your meals than by taking supplements, but I do both (but only one calcium tablet daily) .

powdered-milkAnyway, one way I get extra calcium through food is by putting powdered milk into my tea instead of liquid 1% or skim milk. That’s my little canister on the left. A scoopful is usually enough for my oversize mug (that’s roughly one tablespoon and delivers 95 mg calcium per cuppa tea).

Bonus: the tea stays hotter, is fat-free and looks whiter. Another bonus: we go through less liquid milk, which weighs a ton when I lug the 3-bag packs home from the store. Powdered milk is a lot less heavy – there goes my resistance training!

The “What do you do?” question

As a dietitian I’ve given many presentations about food and nutrition. There’s one question I recall clearly and consistently over the years and that question is the reason for this blog. So, what is it the audience always wants to know? It’s….. “What do YOU do?

This blog is an experiment to see what happens if I make short entries about my everyday food choices and experiences. Nothing too clinical and nothing work related… just stuff that occurs in my everyday “food life”.

It’s easy to use myself as an example and I hope you will add your own ideas and practices. All comments, suggestions and questions are welcome, but I’m off duty for consulting about personal cases (at least for now).

Buying Calcium and Vitamin D

labelAt Loblaw’s Superstore today, I was looking for a good price on calcium supplements. Jamieson’s was a good deal but the calcium tablets were combined with vitamin D. I already have vitamin D tablets, so I nearly passed up the sale priced combo tablets. Then a light bulb went off, and I bought them.

Here’s what i thought…..I have 1000 IU Vit. D tabs which I can score and cut in half. So I take one calcium tab plus half Vitamin D tab to deliver 700 IU Vit. D and 650 mg Calcium, a perfect compliment to my dietary intake. It’s important to take the Vitamin D together with calcium to maximize absorption into your system.

I have been diagnosed with osteopenia and aim for a daily intake of 1000 IU Vit D plus 1500 mg Calcium.