Labels tell the real story

Marketers try to seduce us with every kind of nonsense, but they have to put the ingredients and Nutrition Facts on their labels. I’m an avid label-reader as every shopper should be.

You probably already know that the first thing on the ingredient list is what the product contains MOST of. And so on down the line, to the tiny traces.

So if a product has something like saturated fats right up there at the top of the list, back it goes onto the shelf.

Buying Calcium and Vitamin D

labelAt Loblaw’s Superstore today, I was looking for a good price on calcium supplements. Jamieson’s was a good deal but the calcium tablets were combined with vitamin D. I already have vitamin D tablets, so I nearly passed up the sale priced combo tablets. Then a light bulb went off, and I bought them.

Here’s what i thought…..I have 1000 IU Vit. D tabs which I can score and cut in half. So I take one calcium tab plus half Vitamin D tab to deliver 700 IU Vit. D and 650 mg Calcium, a perfect compliment to my dietary intake. It’s important to take the Vitamin D together with calcium to maximize absorption into your system.

I have been diagnosed with osteopenia and aim for a daily intake of 1000 IU Vit D plus 1500 mg Calcium.